How I Give Medication To My Pet

Arthritis is a painfully debilitating condition that can devastate both the pet and the owner. You can provide some much-needed relief with medication, but this will call for some nifty tricks.

My pet Sadie was in a lot of pain and used to limp on her hind legs. She had taken to sitting in a corner for hours together and I badly missed having her leap all over me.


novox for dogs

Her vet had diagnosed arthritis due to advancing age and showed me the painful swelling around the hip region. He prescribed non-steroidal Novox for dogs to provide relief from the inflammation and pain. I sourced the medicines from the online animal website as it provides top quality and reliable veterinary products at the best prices.

I was sure that this strong analgesic medication would soothe the canine, but getting her to take the tablets was another story altogether. The poor animal was already cranky and bothered by the pain. She would spit or vomit all over me everytime I tried to give her the chewable tablets. The dropper only gifted me some excruciating bites and she would gag over the medicine.

I was at my wits’ end and friends had started suggesting putting her down. The mere thought was repulsive to me and I was determined to get her to feel better.

As the dog was sniffing out the tablets hidden inside her meatballs and other food, I tried crushing the medicine and mixing it in a little bit of cheese. I was quite apprehensive of her reaction but offered her the food very casually.

Imagine my relief when she gobbled up the cheese without being any the wiser of the hidden contents! We continue to disguise the Novox for dogs medicine in her favorite strong-smelling snacks and the results are palpable.

Her mobility has improved slowly and the pain has mostly disappeared. She still hesitates to dive on to the sofa but we are glad that she is comfortable and ache-free now.

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