Is your Pet Suffering from Joint Pain?

Arthritis simply means inflammation of joints and is a common problem for several dogs. Inside a dog’s joints, bone surfaces are normally covered with a thin layer of very smooth cartilage lubricated with joint fluids. This allows both the surfaces to glide against each other freely. Dogs that have arthritis undergo changes in their joints which results in lack of smoothness and thus the dog suffers from immense pain while moving.  Novox for pet dogs is an effective way to minimize this pain the creature suffers from; this medication is non-steroidal and anti-inflammation.

novox for dogs


Osteoarthritis is the form of chronic joint inflammation directly caused by the deterioration of the joint cartilage. If you notice the following symptoms in your dog, then you can consult your vet.:

  • Stiffness or limping.
  • Signs of pain or soreness in limbs.
  • Acting aggressively or withdrawal.
  • Inability to walk.
  • Noticeable decrease in activity.
  • Reluctance to play and jump.


Metacam for dogs is a honey flavored non-steroidal and anti-inflammation drug which can be used to treat dogs with Osteoarthritis. This drug is an oral treatment which reduces the pain to a great extent. You can obtain this product from PetRex2Go at a reasonable price. They are a certified pet pharmacy which believes in prompt delivery of your pet needs.

To acquire more information on them you can visit them at you can also call them at 1-800-798-2165.

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