Cutting down Pet Pain

cutedogYour once enthusiastic and super-active furry friend has now turned lethargic, is reluctant to exercise and never agrees to go for a walk. Is it the season? Is it a behavioral change? Is it some kind of disease? If so, what?

Age takes a toll on everyone, including dogs. So, is the pain and lethargy a matter of age? Yes, but there’s more to it than just age. Well; the above listed symptoms are common to many diseases in pets. However, chances are high that this is a sign of Arthritis, which is a common occurrence in middle-aged and older dogs. So, how long will this pain and discomfort last? Will the pet have to live with it forever?

Certainly not! Thanks to the development in veterinary medicine, arthritis in dogs can be treated with Metacam for dogs. However, degenerative disorders like arthritis are not completely curable. However, your precious friend can be more comfortable and be relieved from pain in many ways including proper medication, supplements and others which reconstruct, repair and lubricate the joints.

So, Why Metacam?

In the initial stages of arthritis in dogs, food supplements, change in diet etc. can deal with the many problems and pain. However, in the later stages, NSAID’s like Metacam for dogs is ideal to ensure a pain-free and comfortable life for the pet. NSAID’s are Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory drugs, which reduce the inflammation caused in the joints and thus, reduces pain. However, never administer this medicine without the prescription of a vet. For, NSAID’s are inappropriate for dogs suffering from heart diseases, bleeding disorders and others.

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