Saving your Pet from CHF

Dogs within the age group of four to ten years often suffer from a heart diseases known as CHF. Although medicines like Vetmedin for dogs can treat this condition effectively, pet parents must know everything about this before administration.

Pimobendan, the generic drug in Vetmedin for dogs is highly popular with pet parents and veterinarians; thanks to its ability to increase the survival time and quality of a pet’s life.

Here’s how.

CHF and Pimobendan

Older dogs, usually in the age group of four to ten years often suffer from a heart disease, commonly known as CHF (Congestive heart failure). It is dreadful for a pet parent to watch its pet suffer from the ill effects of CHF. Your beloved Fido may not be as active and playful as before, may have shortness of breath, frequent cough, loss of consciousness and others. In fact, when left untreated, it may be fatal.

However, online pharmacies have made available cheap pet meds online. You can now administer Vetmedin for dogs under the supervision of a qualified veterinarian and watch Fido lead a longer and happier life.

Vetmedin for dogs

More about Pimobendan

Here’s how Pimobendan helps your four legged companion get rid of its sufferings.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy is a heart disease, characterized by the improper functioning of the heart. The upper and lower chambers of the heart get enlarged. This enlargement restricts the lower chamber from pumping blood to the lungs. This leads to the accumulation of fluids in the lungs. The enlarged heart then gets overloaded, thereby leading to CHF.

Administering Pimobendan orally has shown a significant improvement in dogs suffering from CHF. In fact, it is known to decrease the heart rate and increase the contractility of the heart. The phosphodiesterase inhibitors present in the drug block the inactivation of the blood pumping cycle and thus, improve the cardiac output.

However; despite knowing the effects of Pimobendan, it is not advisable to administer it without being prescribed by a qualified veterinarian. It is an Rx drug and must be purchased from genuine pharmacies; even if they are online. Online pharmacies are now providing cheap pet meds online. You can get attractive discounts on Fido’s medicines. However, it is important to check if the pharmacy is genuine, as online pharmacies selling fake medicines are flooding the market.

Side Effects of Pimobendan

Pimobendan is known to benefit many pets suffering from CHF. However, even when bought from the best online pharmacies, Pimobendan can cause side effects in certain cases. Pet parents must be aware of these to save their best friend from undue pain and suffering.

• Consumption of Pimobendan can have adverse effects on animals suffering with hypersensitivity and allergy.

• Overdose of Pimobendan for a significant period can lead to excess contractility of the heart thus, leading to trouble.

• Vomiting and diarrhea are possible side effects.

• It’s not yet proven whether Pimobendan is safe for pregnant dogs.

• Pimobendan may lead to renal side effects.

It is therefore, important for pet parents to keep their eyes open for the signs of side effects. This helps them to control the situation before it goes out of hand. However, Pimobendan is proven to be safe in most cases, except a few.

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