Giving Medicine To Your Dog – Win The Battle!

Deramaxx for dogs

You know your pet needs to take the medication as it will help him or her to overcome the pain and get well soon. However, the road to recovery starts only once the pet ingests the medicine. But getting a dog to take medicine is another battle altogether!

Dogs are known to spit out the medicine, vomit or even bite the hand that tries to push the medicine into their mouth and down their throat.

This is exactly why most pet owners resort to food to get a dog to take the medication. The medicine can be crushed and mixed in cheese or other snacks. Soft gelatin capsules like atopica for dogs can be covered with chicken or beef to make a ball that will be swallowed by the dog. Favorite foods or those with a strong smell are more likely to mask the taste and odor of the medicine.

If the dog still manages to sniff out the medicine or it cannot be given with food, you can try putting the pill in his or her mouth by hand. You have to be particularly careful to avoid being bitten or the dog choking/throwing up after the medication. Special pill droppers are also available at veterinary pharmacies like Petrx2go. Liquid medicines can be injected by forming a pouch between the cheek and teeth of the animal.

If all else fails, you can ask the veterinarian to prescribe flavored medication. In fact, many medicines like Deramaxx for dogs are flavored so that they seem like a treat for the pet!

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